Three Decades of Service Excellence
King USA Inc. (King) was founded in 1989 with the objective of facilitating investments and trade between Africa and global markets.

Over the past 3 decades King has established itself as a reputable partner to leading trading and industrial groups established in 4 continents.

Finance & Trading Platform

Optimizing financial costs to catalyze long-term growth.

King USA Inc has established a strong network of commercial banking and private equity partners allowing for reducing the overall costs of transactions, including Letters of Credit and longer term structured instruments.

King maintains a core staff that is well versed in all the back-office bureaucracies involved in efficiently moving goods and navigating bureaucracies across its key markets.  The end-result is guaranteed customer satisfaction to its clients, vendors and financial partners.


Headquartered in Miami, USA,  our staff is effectively positioned to assist in structuring and executing on your strategic requirements.

King (USA) Inc.
251 Island Drive, Key Biscayne, Miami – FL 33149
Tel: 1-305-361-1503